Time management techniques to make your day a breeze

How can you improve time management skills now that we are bringing work to home currently? It’s a common question these days as we move into a new era. Firstly, lets tackle some of the basics and then look at how we can set boundaries at home.

Top 10 time management tools and techniques;

1.     Ever heard of Eat the Frog? This was a book written by Brian Tracy, the basic concept being that you do the biggest ugliest task first thing in the day. Why? you might ask. Well once you’ve done that you feel such a sense of satisfaction that you breeze through the rest. Why would you want to sit through the day with a black cloud hanging over your head? Of course, often we see a task as HUGE but then once we sit calmy and methodically run through it, it can often feel ‘not so bad after all’.

2.     One of the most valuable tips I have learnt is that you should plan. There are two times to plan. Firstly, I always have a rough plan laid out for the week ahead. On a Friday afternoon look at the week ahead and lay out the priorities for each day on a planner, adding anything that is hanging over from the current week. Secondly, at the end of each workday I look over the following day and make sure I know what my key priorities, tasks and meetings are. These should be laid out in a list and then highlighted as you go through.

3.     HIGHLIGHT! Oh yes, highlighting gets its own number. There is such a sense of achievement when you highlight or tick of your list of duties. It spurs you on to keep ticking. So gets those highlighters and get scribbling.

4.     Cut the crap. Once you have planned your schedule and priorities make sure you cut out anything that doesn’t benefit you.

5.     Silence the apps. One of the biggest time wasters is notifications on your phone. The beep or the red dot calls you to get dragged into a vortex of messages and topics that you weren’t even thinking about. I recommend scheduling a time in the day to go into your apps or group messages and answer them. If you don’t silence the notifications, you could easily fall down the rabbit hole for an hour in your day getting involved in something that adds no value to your day. Of course, you want to chat with friends or family or get back to that colleague but do it a time that does not interfere with your key priorities.

6.     Outsource. What are you doing that could easily be outsourced? For example, get the shopping delivered, hire a cleaner, negotiate with your partner or housemate on who does what and divide equally.

7.     Automate. What can you automate? For example, I must send my clients a questionnaire and coaching agreement. These are now automatically sent when they book an appointment. Before I was having to remember to send an email and attach the links and documents. What can you automate so that you can cut time and thinking?

8.     Take breaks. We all know that hero that thinks if they sit at their desk all day and night they will be recognised as the best worker. Taking a break refreshes your energy, gives you clarity and is better for you physically. Make sure you take regular breaks, stand up and stretch or even take a quick walk at lunch. You are way more productive when you have had good sleep, exercise and have been fed with nutritious foods. I have seen myself do more in three hours than a whole day when I am organised and at my healthiest.

9.     Email etiquette. How you manage your email time can depend on what your job is however there are two extremes that I have seen. Th person who is a slave to the mail and sits all day glued to the inbox and not actually producing what they need to be doing or making the call they need to make. On the other end I have seen that person who has thousands or unanswered unfiled emails! Arggggh. My advice is to take an hour in the morning and end of day to clear, answer and file emails in folders. Also, make sure you unsubscribe to any annoying email subscriptions you no ,longer need.

10.  Work with your body clock. This is a great one that people often don’t look at. Get to know yourself and how you operate best. For me I know that I am best getting my admin done in the morning and I perform lot’s of tasks up to lunch. Could I sit down and start writing an article at 3 in the afternoon? No way! This would be time when I need to go and take a stretch and have some time out. So, be kind to yourself.

How to manage working at home

1.     Set up a clear space in your home. I understand that not everyone has the luxury of a home office and have been suddenly catapulted in to working at home. Even if its corner of your bedroom, delegate a space and keep it organised.

2.     Set boundaries with family members. Make sure everyone is clear about when they can talk to you as you don’t want to be in ‘flow’ doing a task and suddenly this gets broken by a family member taking you away.

3.     Make sure you set times to be away from the desk. Go for a walk, have lunch away from the desk too.

4.     Set a specific start and finish time for the day and set a ritual for opening and closing the day. For example, at the end of my work day I always take a shower and change my clothes.

5.     Don’t be tempted to meet friends or do things you wouldn’t normally do in work time. Sometimes this can be a way of procrastinating. It takes you away from getting something done. Unless it is part of your lunch – but think carefully. You don’t want to spend your lunch talking about someone’s problems.

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How to manage time at home and work

A lot like the above points make sure you set boundaries and a rough weekly schedule so that the two don’t start merging.

How can time management help you?

Having efficient time management helps with the following;

1.     You work more efficiently

2.     Are more productive

3.     Feel healthier

4.     Have better relationships

5.     Achieve more

6.     Work smarter not harder

7.     Have more energy

8.     Less stress – find out more about managing stress and anxiety

9.     Sleep better

10.  Better work life balance

Consequences of bad time management

If you don’t manage time efficiently you can really feel like you are in a fog. Tasks can build up which results in being bogged down in administration and feeling a sense of being out of control. Your energy levels can drop and stress levels rise which doesn’t help anyone. Being time efficient effectively can change your life!! SO get managing .


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1.             About this Policy

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2.             Overview

2.1.         As part of our ordinary business operations we often hold, use and disclose personal information. These operations and activities include;

(a)            Collecting and maintaining supplier and customer information necessary to provide or optimize our service;

(b)            Providing online coaching

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3.             Collection of your personal information

3.1.         We may collect information as part of our business activities. The usual way we obtain personal information is when you provide that information to us. 

3.2.         For example, we may collect personal information such as your contact details and payment information when you:

(a)            contact us to request a quote or make a general enquiry;

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(c)            pay an invoice.

3.3.         We may also collect your personal information if you are a business associate or partner and have made such information available to us.

Sensitive Information

3.4.         We almost never collect sensitive information about you such as your health, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, association memberships, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, criminal history, genetic or biometric data.

3.5.         The only reason we would collect sensitive information of this type is if it is reasonably necessary to the provision of our services and if the information is volunteered by you. An example would be if you have a health issue or disability which may require special consideration in the way we deliver our service.

Indirect Collection

3.6.         There may also be occasions on which we collect personal information about you indirectly from other sources such as:

(a)            publicly available information; and

(b)            your agents or authorised representatives.

3.7.         We may obtain information from a credit reporting body (CRB) with contained personal credit information about you including your credit history. We do this to assess enquires and to make a credit risk assessment in relation to you before undertaking work and services.


3.8.         Where it is practical to do so, you may be able to interact with us anonymously or by using a pseudonym. For example, if you contact us with a general question or enquiry about our services, we will not usually need to collect your personal information at that stage.

3.9.         Notwithstanding this, for legal contractual reasons we will require your identity and details in order to carry out services for you or to provide a formal quote.

3.10.       You may also make complaints or feedback anonymously or under a pseudonym however, in some cases this may limit our ability to investigate a complaint. For example, we may be unable to investigate a complaint if we do not know which job it relates to.

Collecting through our websites

3.11.    Katherine Lowndes operating under business name  Katie Lowndes Wellness has a website https://www.katielowndeswellness.com/. There are a number of ways that we may collect information through the website from time to time:


(a)            Cookies are data files transferred onto user devices by websites as a record and also to increase the functionality of the website. If you do not want to accept cookies, you should set your browser preference to reject all cookies before accessing the website.

(b)            Analytics tools such as Google Analytics collect information about your visit and interaction with our website. The type of data that can be collected this way includes:

i.                the IP address of your device;

ii.               your device screen size;

iii.              country of access;

iv.             the referring domain or hyperlink (if applicable);

v.              your device operating system, browser and type; and

vi.             date and time when website pages were accessed.

(c)            Email Lists including collection of personal information when you sign up for mailing lists, newsletters or when providing feedback.

(d)            Social Media including information you volunteer when interacting with our social media accounts such as Facebook.

4.             Disclosure

4.1.         There are few situations where it is reasonably necessary to disclose your information to parties who are external to Katherine Lowndes operating under business name Katie Lowndes Wellness. For example:

(a)            we may disclose your information to agents or subcontractors where we are engaging a third party on our behalf to carry out the agreed work;

(b)            in some circumstances, we may also disclose your information to business partners, professionals or tradesmen where you are in need of a referral in respect of services which Katherine Lowndes operating under business name Katies Beauty Kitchen does not offer;

(c)            if you are a contractor, we may disclose your information and identity to Katherine Lowndes operating under business name Katies Beauty Kitchen customers; and

(d)            we may disclose your credit information to a CRB in order to obtain a credit report, or in severe cases, to report a substantial credit default.

4.2.         We may also make disclosure of your personal information where we are compelled by law to do so. For example, if we are served with a court-issued subpoena to produce documents or information.

Overseas Disclosure

4.3.         We are unlikely to disclose your personal information to overseas recipients. Our information and records are stored on a local server.

5.             Quality of personal information

5.1.         To ensure that the personal information we collect is updated and accurate we record information consistently, promptly update our records where updated information is available and regularly audit our contact lists to check accuracy.

6.             Storage and security of personal information

6.1.         We protect the storage and security of your personal information by:

(a)            Periodically assessing the risk of misuse, loss, unauthorised access or modification of the information; and

(b)            Taking measures to address those risks, for example, by educating staff about the importance of your privacy and the risks of mishandling of that information.

6.2.         We may destroy personal information if it is no longer needed for our records or delivery of our services.

7.             Accessing and correcting your personal information

7.1.         Australian Privacy Principles 12 and 13 state that you have the right to request access to all personal information we hold about you and that we correct that information if it is false or incurred. You can do this by contacting us and we will respond within 30 days.

7.2.         Before providing access to your personal information or correcting our records we will ask you to verify your identity.

8.             How to make a complaint

8.1.         If you are not satisfied with our handling of your personal information, we recommend you first contact us and complain to us directly. We will respond to the complaint within 7 days and attempted to resolve the complaint within 30 days of the date of the complaint.

8.2.         If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you should contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and complete a privacy complaint form.

9.             How to contact us

9.1.         You can contact us by:


Katherine Lowndes operating under business name Katie Lowndes Wellness




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